Love-Hate Relationship

I have a love-hate relationship with my theological college. I particularly ‘hate’ it (okay, I don’t really hate it. I just find it as a real…test of endurance) during the course of the semester. With assignments, language exams, and sermons due, it’s difficult to take a step back and really appreciate my education for what it is. Instead,Continue reading “Love-Hate Relationship”

Starting College in 2016

Dr Jason Allen (President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) posted a blog post on some ‘pro-tips’ on being a faithful seminary student. So as most college students prepare to head back to class in a month or two, I thought I’d write some reflections on my first year at Christ College and use that to provideContinue reading “Starting College in 2016”

The Value of Theological Education

The Value Of Theological Education And Why Christ College Was The Right Decision For Me ‘A low view of the functions of the ministry will naturally carry with it a low conception of the training necessary for it…And a high view of the functions of the ministry on evangelical lines inevitably produces a high conceptionContinue reading “The Value of Theological Education”