Momentous May

‘In God’s inside-out kingdom, the irony is that sacrifice will never be in vain, but will only end in gain’ These are the words that I ended my sermon with last week on the 8th of June. That Sunday marked the end of another month’s worth of ministry and study. Upon reflection, the most challengingContinue reading “Momentous May”

A Theological Blind Spot

About 3 years ago, I caught up with Pastor Steve Chong who had just returned from the UK. He told me about his experience with the New Frontiers church planting movement, ranting about all the great things that they’re doing and how he was super blessed to be able to speak there. If you were following theContinue reading “A Theological Blind Spot”

SPUR – ‘Christ and Culture: Bend, Blend, or Defend’

One of the great things about South West Chinese Christian Church is our commitment to serving university students and young adults in our church and our local community. It is upon this desire that the ‘SPUR’ ministry began in 2013, and we’ve been seeing amazing things come out of it. We are proud to announceContinue reading “SPUR – ‘Christ and Culture: Bend, Blend, or Defend’”