Heavy Heart and Prayer Request

My heart is heavy this morning and I’m wondering if you can join me in praying about this issue in the coming week. Over the weekend, I just heard of another brother in ministry taking time off to be on stress leave. This is one more in a line of ministers who have effectively saidContinue reading “Heavy Heart and Prayer Request”

#2 Opening Day at YLG

The first day for the Younger Leaders Gathering was scheduled to commence at 4pm on August 3 but God-ordained connections and lessons were already well on the way before that.  A few members of the Sydney team arrived on Monday night after approximately 14 hours of travel and before we could utter a word ofContinue reading “#2 Opening Day at YLG”

My Prayer for RICE’s Pioneering Mission Trip

In just a little over 12 hours, the RICE Movement’s first ever team of overseas short term missionaries will be meeting at the airport to embark on a journey of a lifetime. This is a product of about half a years worth of training, meetings, prayers, and preparations; all in hopes of being more involved with God’sContinue reading “My Prayer for RICE’s Pioneering Mission Trip”

The Forgotten Ones

For all our evangelistic fervour, some of us may have overlooked or forgotten the ones who are closest to us.  I was struck by this daunting reality earlier today when I had coffee with a guy whom I meet up with regularly while we shared about whom we’d like to see come to accept Christ as Lord and Saviour. WeContinue reading “The Forgotten Ones”

Pray for pastors

Every time I return to Malaysia, I get to hear what my parents have been up to in their ministries. Given their role as professors at a seminary and their background in counselling, they are often approached with pastoral and church issues. One recurring and disheartening issue that I hear every time I return isContinue reading “Pray for pastors”

Pray for missionaries

The call to be a missionary in a different country can be a tough call to respond to. Yet, many do so boldly. Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of coming in contact with many missionaries (more recently, John and Denise Dickson in the picture above) who have sold everything, packed theirContinue reading “Pray for missionaries”