Momentous May

‘In God’s inside-out kingdom, the irony is that sacrifice will never be in vain, but will only end in gain’ These are the words that I ended my sermon with last week on the 8th of June. That Sunday marked the end of another month’s worth of ministry and study. Upon reflection, the most challengingContinue reading “Momentous May”

Pray for pastors

Every time I return to Malaysia, I get to hear what my parents have been up to in their ministries. Given their role as professors at a seminary and their background in counselling, they are often approached with pastoral and church issues. One recurring and disheartening issue that I hear every time I return isContinue reading “Pray for pastors”

Law and the Gospel

This article was originally posted in 2013, and can be found here. Introduction  About a year ago, two brothers visited the church I used to attend. I chatted with them and found out more about their family background, where they went to school and the reason why they were with us this particular Sunday. I soonContinue reading “Law and the Gospel”