#5 Lilies of the field

I’m going to take a short break from the regular play-by-play update of the Lausanne Younger Leaders gathering in this post to do something a little unordinary. I’d like to use this opportunity to briefly reflect on my interaction with some incredible people that I’ve been meeting and to honour the work of women whoContinue reading “#5 Lilies of the field”

#4 Cultivating God’s World

One of the blessings we often forget back at home is the caliber of preachers we have in Sydney. Soon after Richard Chin concluded that ‘our glory and value is not in our ability but in God’s appointment‘, the Connector App (which is the official mobile app used at the Lausanne YLG 2016) started toContinue reading “#4 Cultivating God’s World”

Learning by teaching, growing by discipling, gaining by giving

It’s amazing how much you learn when you teach. Most educators can testify that one of the most rewarding aspects of their jobs is (in addition to helping their students arrive at ‘light bulb moments’) learning from their students! Earlier in the year, I spent some time teaching my younger sister how to ride a bike. I’ve tried severalContinue reading “Learning by teaching, growing by discipling, gaining by giving”

Humble Leadership

I was at a para-church organisation leaders meeting recently and had an interesting experience. I was the youngest member in the room (in fact, I had just tagged along) so I walked around pouring tea for the respective leaders and as I was doing that, I recalled a vivid memory from a conference that I organised justContinue reading “Humble Leadership”

God in Every Season and Situation

One of the great gifts of social media is the ability to gain access to great preachers and teachers from across the world. Two particular leaders/teachers that I follow are Dr David Sills (the President of Reaching and Teaching Ministries and Professor of Mission at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) and Dr John Piper (the Chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary and Founder/TeacherContinue reading “God in Every Season and Situation”

The Value of Theological Education

The Value Of Theological Education And Why Christ College Was The Right Decision For Me ‘A low view of the functions of the ministry will naturally carry with it a low conception of the training necessary for it…And a high view of the functions of the ministry on evangelical lines inevitably produces a high conceptionContinue reading “The Value of Theological Education”