#1 Live Blogging for YLG2016!

G’day friends! In less than 2 days, a group of 1000 younger leaders from all around the globe will gather to pray, think, and strategise about world evangelisation. We certainly stand on the shoulders of formidable leaders of the past and present, and we’re excited about how God will use this upcoming generation for HisContinue reading “#1 Live Blogging for YLG2016!”

Billy Graham: The Lausanne Legacy

At the age of 97, the great evangelist Billy Graham’s influence is nowhere close to waning. To be sure, the voice of the ‘pastor to presidents’ and the harmonious chorus of ‘Just as I am’ no longer shake stadiums as it once did. Nonetheless, his legacy continues to be evident throughout the world.[1] His influenceContinue reading “Billy Graham: The Lausanne Legacy”