Augustine the Preacher

One of the reasons I was attracted to Augustine as the subject of my doctoral studies is that he was a preacher. Naturally, the primary source that I chose to engage with in understanding his theology of joy is his Enarrationes in Psalmos (Commentary on the Psalms) which is a collection of his notes, commentary,Continue reading “Augustine the Preacher”

Feeling the Psalms

A common criticism of Reformed Evangelicalism is that we are far too focused on cognition and don’t give sufficient space for affection. In other words, we are very good at thinking and very poor at feeling. I think that this is true from personal experience. It is not uncommon to meet Reformed Christians who areContinue reading “Feeling the Psalms”

The Necessity of NextGen

With a little over 2 months to go until we say good bye to 2016, the new year is certainly looming with excitement and opportunity. I’m not sure what 2017 will look like for you, but regardless of what the details are like, I hope and pray that your year may be one that is markedContinue reading “The Necessity of NextGen”

Guarding your heart 

I remember listening to a sermon awhile ago by one of my heroes, Dr Wayne Grudem (I understand his theological position has come under scrutiny recently, particularly his theology of the Trinity), about what it means to ‘guard one’s heart’.  That phrase can mean several things, but Grudem was speaking about how Christians must seekContinue reading “Guarding your heart “

Latecomer to the YouVersion Bible App

I am officially a fan of the YouVersion Bible App. I’ve had it and have been using it for years, but I’ve only recently realised the beauty and power of its shared Bible reading plan feature. I’ve been meeting up with a guy going through ‘Just for Starters’ and last week, we spent a bit of timeContinue reading “Latecomer to the YouVersion Bible App”