Pray for pastors

Every time I return to Malaysia, I get to hear what my parents have been up to in their ministries. Given their role as professors at a seminary and their background in counselling, they are often approached with pastoral and church issues. One recurring and disheartening issue that I hear every time I return isContinue reading “Pray for pastors”

Pray for missionaries

The call to be a missionary in a different country can be a tough call to respond to. Yet, many do so boldly. Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of coming in contact with many missionaries (more recently, John and Denise Dickson in the picture above) who have sold everything, packed theirContinue reading “Pray for missionaries”

Pray for workers

I briefly chatted with a good friend today about starting full time work and the implications that has on her walk with God. I’m mighty encouraged that she is determined to not get distracted by the new challenges with work and by being in a new environment. Will you join me in praying for thoseContinue reading “Pray for workers”

Ministry Internship Supporters Night

Hi everyone, as most of you may know, I am beginning a new season of my life as a Ministry Intern at South-West Chinese Christian Church from 2014-2015 to be trained for pastoral ministry. I am very excited about what God is going to teach me through these next 2 years, and keen to getContinue reading “Ministry Internship Supporters Night”

The Sex Trafficking Industry

Please pray with me for the sex trafficking industry. If you’ve watched something like ‘Taken’ and was horrified by the scenes where women were being sold and bought like objects, remember that emotion because these are things that are really happening in different parts of the world. This video recently surfaced around social media, andContinue reading “The Sex Trafficking Industry”