Pray for the Spiritual Climate in Kingsgrove

These prayer points were compiled for our church’s monthly prayer meeting. Spiritual Climate in Kingsgrove The 2011 census reveals that Christianity is in a ‘healthy’ state in Kingsgrove, with approximately 70% of the locals recording that they adhere to Christianity. However, our desire as a church is to see the 30% (approximately 3000 people –Continue reading “Pray for the Spiritual Climate in Kingsgrove”

Ministry Supporters Evening

Hi everyone, I would like to thank all of you who came along to my ministry supporters evening. When I was told that I had to organise a supporters event, the vision that I immediately had was that the event would not be about me, but would be a Spirit-filled, Christ-exalting, and God-glorifying time. So ifContinue reading “Ministry Supporters Evening”

Frenzy February

What a great start it has been to the first month of my internship at SWCCC! Even before I began, people around me (especially my coach and our church’s intern) have told me that the internship will be more challenging than you think it will be. So even though I kept that in mind asContinue reading “Frenzy February”

Pray for ministry trainees

I had the opportunity last night to catch up with two childhood friends. After many years of separation, we finally got to sit down together to share about what God has been doing in our lives over the past years. Apart from sharing about our university studies (Xin Yang aka Pisteos (black shirt) is in hisContinue reading “Pray for ministry trainees”

May Peace Prevail on Earth

The 9th of January 2014 marked the end of our church’s mission trip to Thailand. A group of 10 team members from ACTS11 (the English Ministry of South-West Chinese Christian Church) travelled together for 2 weeks to have a crash-course experience of what a missionary’s life on-the-ground looks like, and to help build relationships betweenContinue reading “May Peace Prevail on Earth”