#1 Live Blogging for YLG2016!

G’day friends! In less than 2 days, a group of 1000 younger leaders from all around the globe will gather to pray, think, and strategise about world evangelisation. We certainly stand on the shoulders of formidable leaders of the past and present, and we’re excited about how God will use this upcoming generation for HisContinue reading “#1 Live Blogging for YLG2016!”

The Forgotten Ones

For all our evangelistic fervour, some of us may have overlooked or forgotten the ones who are closest to us.  I was struck by this daunting reality earlier today when I had coffee with a guy whom I meet up with regularly while we shared about whom we’d like to see come to accept Christ as Lord and Saviour. WeContinue reading “The Forgotten Ones”

Thank you Mark Driscoll

As some of you may be aware, the founder and pastor of Mars Hill Church – Seattle, Mark Driscoll resigned today. This is the culmination of several months worth of investigation and negotiation, and I’m genuinely saddened by the result. However, based on Pastor Mark’s resignation letter, it is evident that this process has been incrediblyContinue reading “Thank you Mark Driscoll”

Amazing August

Like many pastors and ministry workers, August for me started with a bang as over a thousand of us filed into the Australian Technology Park for Oxygen Conference 2014. Like an overly enthusiastic Apple fan queuing up overnight for the new iPhone 6, I was particularly excited about Oxygen Conference because of the line up of speakers.Continue reading “Amazing August”

Pray for Sydney

These prayer points were compiled for our church’s monthly prayer meeting. Sydney Sydney is one of Australia’s largest cities, hosting some of Australia’s most prestigious universities, businesses, and corporations. Consequently, Sydney is a melting pot for different cultures and is thus a strategic hub for evangelism. Pray for: Muslims – there are approximately 160,000-200,000 living inContinue reading “Pray for Sydney”

Pray for Social Diversity

These prayer points were compiled for our church’s monthly prayer meeting. Social Diversity Kingsgrove and its neighbouring suburbs are becoming increasingly diverse. In addition to the majority of Australian born residents in Kingsgrove, there are also an increasing number of migrants from Greece, China, Italy, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. The most common languages otherContinue reading “Pray for Social Diversity”