The Value of Theological Education

The Value Of Theological Education And Why Christ College Was The Right Decision For Me ‘A low view of the functions of the ministry will naturally carry with it a low conception of the training necessary for it…And a high view of the functions of the ministry on evangelical lines inevitably produces a high conceptionContinue reading “The Value of Theological Education”

Kicking Into Gear

Welcome to my revamped website! I have taken into consideration some of your feedback about the usability of the website and have made some changes accordingly. You’ll see now that the sidebars are less cluttered and the menu bar at the top is much more accessible. Hopefully this will help as you navigate the siteContinue reading “Kicking Into Gear”

November: What Do You Do When Things Get Tough?

  What do you do when things get tough? How do you respond when you’ve given your all, committed to the cause, yet experience no return? I suspect this is something many of us feel almost on a daily basis. It may be at the office you’ve worked at for almost a decade yet barelyContinue reading “November: What Do You Do When Things Get Tough?”

Remember Remember, September and October!

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but I think the same can be said about busyness! Whether you’re student or worker (and if unfortunate enough, both!), these past few months can most likely be defined by the words such as ‘busy’, ‘insane’, ‘hectic’, or ‘full-on’. Moreover, I’ve always found the months from SeptemberContinue reading “Remember Remember, September and October!”

Amazing August

Like many pastors and ministry workers, August for me started with a bang as over a thousand of us filed into the Australian Technology Park for Oxygen Conference 2014. Like an overly enthusiastic Apple fan queuing up overnight for the new iPhone 6, I was particularly excited about Oxygen Conference because of the line up of speakers.Continue reading “Amazing August”

A Journey through July

  July started with a lot of action, with the first week beginning with a RICE Short Term Missions plug at the RICE Twelve Trials study day and a weekend of spending time with my Community Group (reflection on the getaway can be found in my previous post, here). As some of you may be aware, IContinue reading “A Journey through July”