The Next Generation of Leaders 

  I’ve been spending the past few days at NextGen16 and it’s been fantastic. There’s nothing like sitting under strong biblical preaching, worshipping in song, and spending time with young bible study leaders and future leaders of their respective churches. My co-leader and I have 15 guys and gals in our group and one ofContinue reading “The Next Generation of Leaders “

God in Every Season and Situation

One of the great gifts of social media is the ability to gain access to great preachers and teachers from across the world. Two particular leaders/teachers that I follow are Dr David Sills (the President of Reaching and Teaching Ministries and Professor of Mission at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) and Dr John Piper (the Chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary and Founder/TeacherContinue reading “God in Every Season and Situation”

Titles for Pastors

Calvin and his Genevan colleagues’ rejection of the medieval Catholic priesthood expressed itself in a number of ways, such as the redefinition of the roles and duties of the pastor and the rejection of false sacraments. However, one of my favourite expressions of this reformation is the titles that they used to address pastors, among whichContinue reading “Titles for Pastors”

The Value of Theological Education

The Value Of Theological Education And Why Christ College Was The Right Decision For Me ‘A low view of the functions of the ministry will naturally carry with it a low conception of the training necessary for it…And a high view of the functions of the ministry on evangelical lines inevitably produces a high conceptionContinue reading “The Value of Theological Education”

Why Internship?

In many evangelical circles, programs like the Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) or Metro are usual pathways for those who have been identified to be suitable for pastoral ministry. For those who are less familiar with these programs, they are essentially 2 year pre-seminary (theological college) apprenticeships that enable candidates to have more hands-on ministry experience before theyContinue reading “Why Internship?”

Latecomer to the YouVersion Bible App

I am officially a fan of the YouVersion Bible App. I’ve had it and have been using it for years, but I’ve only recently realised the beauty and power of its shared Bible reading plan feature. I’ve been meeting up with a guy going through ‘Just for Starters’ and last week, we spent a bit of timeContinue reading “Latecomer to the YouVersion Bible App”