Hari Merdeka

I vividly remember my thoughts when my family and I took off in 2005 to leave Malaysia in order to start a new life in Australia. My driving thought was ‘yes, I’m finally out of this horrible hole’. To be sure, Malaysia is a beautiful country. It is marked by rich culture, excellent food, and beautifulContinue reading “Hari Merdeka”

Learning by teaching, growing by discipling, gaining by giving

It’s amazing how much you learn when you teach. Most educators can testify that one of the most rewarding aspects of their jobs is (in addition to helping their students arrive at ‘light bulb moments’) learning from their students! Earlier in the year, I spent some time teaching my younger sister how to ride a bike. I’ve tried severalContinue reading “Learning by teaching, growing by discipling, gaining by giving”

God in Every Season and Situation

One of the great gifts of social media is the ability to gain access to great preachers and teachers from across the world. Two particular leaders/teachers that I follow are Dr David Sills (the President of Reaching and Teaching Ministries and Professor of Mission at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) and Dr John Piper (the Chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary and Founder/TeacherContinue reading “God in Every Season and Situation”

Starting College in 2016

Dr Jason Allen (President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) posted a blog post on some ‘pro-tips’ on being a faithful seminary student. So as most college students prepare to head back to class in a month or two, I thought I’d write some reflections on my first year at Christ College and use that to provideContinue reading “Starting College in 2016”