#7 It has only just begun

‘What we set our eyes on determines our vigor, direction, and steadiness’. These were Pastor Rene Breuel’s opening words that helped set our eyes on the eschaton as the Younger Leaders Gathering for 2016 came to a close and words cannot capture how grateful I am for being able to be part of this gatheringContinue reading “#7 It has only just begun”

#6 The Silent Labourers

The Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering is a tight ship. The gathering is a product of 3 years worth of planning and preparation, and the 8 day conference is packed with incredible plenary sessions, workshops, and time for networking. Like most conferences of this sort, the attention and gratitude is often pointed to those standing under theContinue reading “#6 The Silent Labourers”

#5 Lilies of the field

I’m going to take a short break from the regular play-by-play update of the Lausanne Younger Leaders gathering in this post to do something a little unordinary. I’d like to use this opportunity to briefly reflect on my interaction with some incredible people that I’ve been meeting and to honour the work of women whoContinue reading “#5 Lilies of the field”

#4 Cultivating God’s World

One of the blessings we often forget back at home is the caliber of preachers we have in Sydney. Soon after Richard Chin concluded that ‘our glory and value is not in our ability but in God’s appointment‘, the Connector App (which is the official mobile app used at the Lausanne YLG 2016) started toContinue reading “#4 Cultivating God’s World”

#3 First full day @YLG2016

‘We need to preach the wounded Saviour to a wounded people who live in a wounded world’. These are the closing words of Ravi Zacharias’ address on the first evening plenary session at YLG2016 which left the entire auditorium wanting more.  But before we got there, David Benson from Australia opened the day by suggestingContinue reading “#3 First full day @YLG2016”

#2 Opening Day at YLG

The first day for the Younger Leaders Gathering was scheduled to commence at 4pm on August 3 but God-ordained connections and lessons were already well on the way before that.  A few members of the Sydney team arrived on Monday night after approximately 14 hours of travel and before we could utter a word ofContinue reading “#2 Opening Day at YLG”