1517 to 2017

Nintendo Switch, Further enhanced Virtual Reality (VR), and Star Wars Episode VIII – these are just a few things to look forward to in 2017. However, there is one more thing perhaps more exciting and important than all of the above (gasp, more exciting and important than Star Wars?!)…and that’s the celebration of the 500th anniversary of theContinue reading “1517 to 2017”

Billy Graham: The Lausanne Legacy

At the age of 97, the great evangelist Billy Graham’s influence is nowhere close to waning. To be sure, the voice of the ‘pastor to presidents’ and the harmonious chorus of ‘Just as I am’ no longer shake stadiums as it once did. Nonetheless, his legacy continues to be evident throughout the world.[1] His influenceContinue reading “Billy Graham: The Lausanne Legacy”

My Favourite Podcasts #1 – 5 Minutes in Church History

Podcasts are great. I subscribe to a few channels and flick through their content throughout the week to supplement my devotional life. These podcasts are like an information gold mine waiting to be discovered and I’ve found them to be incredibly helpful. As such, I’ve decided to dedicate a few posts to highlight some of the channels thatContinue reading “My Favourite Podcasts #1 – 5 Minutes in Church History”