Why I Love Leading Strand One

NTE, SWEATCON, NEXTGEN – these are the names of a few conferences that run each year which is specifically and strategically designed to help train young women and men to handle and teach God’s Word. While, these conferences are marked by a variety of really helpful keynote sermons (usually a combination of Old and NewContinue reading “Why I Love Leading Strand One”

Depression is real – John Le

The following has been written by my dear brother in Christ – John Le. He joined our community group just a little under a year ago and has been a valuable and wonderful addition to our community.  —- Caution: Excuse the terrible writing, I suck at poetry stuff. Also, this might be a really longContinue reading “Depression is real – John Le”

The Gospel Must Go On

Dear friends, thank you all for your warm regards and kind encouragement since the announcement of my late uncle’s passing. The simple messages by text, email, or online messenger have meant so much and have been a constant reminder of all your love and support. The past few days have been pretty hectic with backContinue reading “The Gospel Must Go On”