Ruth 1 – Do we believe that God has the best plan for us?

Our church just finished our 7-week series on the “Seven Lies of Culture”. It was lots of fun. But it is also good to get back into the Bible. It’s not that our 7-week series of Bible-less or unbiblical. But I miss working my way through the Bible; line by line, verse by verse, andContinue reading “Ruth 1 – Do we believe that God has the best plan for us?”

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Podcast

Have you been listening to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Podcast? If not, I want to commend it to you. I’m struggling to know exactly why I’m commending it to you because I’m still processing a lot of what I’ve been listening to. On the one hand, it tells the story of theContinue reading “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Podcast”

Augustine the Preacher

One of the reasons I was attracted to Augustine as the subject of my doctoral studies is that he was a preacher. Naturally, the primary source that I chose to engage with in understanding his theology of joy is his Enarrationes in Psalmos (Commentary on the Psalms) which is a collection of his notes, commentary,Continue reading “Augustine the Preacher”

Feeling the Psalms

A common criticism of Reformed Evangelicalism is that we are far too focused on cognition and don’t give sufficient space for affection. In other words, we are very good at thinking and very poor at feeling. I think that this is true from personal experience. It is not uncommon to meet Reformed Christians who areContinue reading “Feeling the Psalms”

Engaging Pastors – A Modest Proposal

About a week ago, I made a post on social media requesting some thoughts, reflections, and suggestions around the topic of engaging pastors for positions in churches (ie: the issue of hiring pastors). I’ve intentionally avoided the language of ‘hiring’ because I think it is both unbiblical and unhelpful. It assumes the pastor to be an employeeContinue reading “Engaging Pastors – A Modest Proposal”

Reflections on RC’s Life – 20 Lessons

Many of you will know that today (14th of December 2018) marks the 1-year anniversary of RC Sproul’s promotion to glory. I was reminded of this as I woke up this morning reading a few chapters of ‘Everyone is a Theologian’ in preparation for a summer theology reading group that I host in my homeContinue reading “Reflections on RC’s Life – 20 Lessons”