Ruth 1 – Do we believe that God has the best plan for us?

Our church just finished our 7-week series on the “Seven Lies of Culture”. It was lots of fun. But it is also good to get back into the Bible.

It’s not that our 7-week series of Bible-less or unbiblical. But I miss working my way through the Bible; line by line, verse by verse, and word by word. It feeds my soul.

I especially love working my way through the Old Testament. I love the OT because my Hebrew Professor Gregory Goswell taught me to savour the details in the biblical passage and enjoy the narrative. Those of you who’ve studied Hebrew will know that so much hangs on just one little dot (Greg would pull his hair out and say ‘dagesh, Elliot! There are no dots in Hebrew!). Greg has an eye for detail. And he helped me to see that much of the treasures in the Bible are in the details and they are just waiting for us to discover it! There is so much there.

So we’re starting a new 4-week series on the Book of Ruth and here is our first sermon from Ruth 1. I try to answer the question: “do we believe that God has the best plan for us?”

Published by Elliot Ku

Elliot is a pastor at Gracepoint Presbyterian Church and is responsible for preaching and teaching at the Lidcombe Campus. He is married to Sherilyn and together they love speaking about and showing the joys of following Jesus.

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