My Favourite Podcasts #4 – Let My People Think


A note before the post, I would like to personally thank some of you who have expressed great interest and appreciation for this series that I’ve been sharing. Your support means a great deal to me and it keeps me going with my New Years resolution. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this one! 

‘Helping the thinker believe and helping the believer think’. This is the mission of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

I heard this statement at a time when I thought thinking and believing were opposites. Little did I know that they were false dichotomies. And it was Ravi Zacharias who helped me see that faith doesn’t need to be blind and thoughtful people can have faith.

Ravi Zacharias has been preaching, teaching, and lecturing for over 4 decades in a variety of churches, seminaries, and universities. Look him up on Youtube and you’ll see him answering questions at Yale, Princeton, or Harvard.

He is a bi-cultural man, which means that he doesn’t only have a bit of an accent (which makes him nice to listen to, in my opinion), but also means he is not trapped in one way of thinking.

Here are 3 reasons for why I think you should check it out.

i) He talks about some of the biggest ideas in the world.

From postmodernism and scientism, Zacharias explores some of the most pressing philosophical and practical issues of our time.

He discusses the implications of scholars of old and new, and provides a Christian defense for ideological attacks hurled at Christianity. Through his answers, he not only shows the world that Christianity is a coherent system, he also shows that the world is coherent because of Christianity.

If you are into apologetics and answering big questions in life, you need to check him out. My most vivid memories of his lectures are the origin of life, the ramifications of postmodern thinking, and the incoherence of atheism.

ii) He does so in an engaging manner.

In fact, he teaches matter while teaching manner, namely, he teaches you about the subject matter while teaching you how to deal with the issue at hand.

Through it, he teaches you how to progressively debunk your objectors worldview, leading them to question the basis for their position, before offering Christ as the solution to their problem.

Furthermore, he includes humor and personal anecdotes that make these difficult topics digestible and engaging.

So don’t be afraid that you’ve never taken a class on philosophy or theology. Ravi will teach so that even those less educated like me have a shot at understanding what he is trying to say.

iii) He shows you that ideas matter.

RC Sproul has a book titled ‘The Consequence of Ideas’ and the sentiment is shared in Zacharias’ teaching.

Through ‘Let My People Think’, Zacharias shows that ideas matter and has the power and potential to shape human character and behaviour. It is therefore little surprise that he has committed his entire life to teaching and answering fundamental and complex questions about the Christian faith.

So if you have major questions about Christianity, feel like you would benefit from learning more about apologetics (hopefully in order to have fruitful conversations with non-Christians), or would love to hear solid defences of the Christian faith, then you need to check him out.

Lastly, Zacharias has plenty of material available online, whether through the podcast or through his website. However, one of the greatest online resources produced by RZIM is what is known as RZIM Academy, an online school of apologetics. They have weekly lectures, lecture notes, discussions, and quizzes that you can take. I’ve done the course and found it incredibly beneficial. It isn’t too expensive and is certainly worth the price.But if you would like his teaching par excellence, then you can consider studying at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. They offer year-long programs and Summer school intensives. It is a bit of a dream of mine to be able to attend one day (but alas, travel to Oxford isn’t within my financial reach) but if you do so before me, then please do tell me about what you think of it!

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