Christianity’s Exclusive Claim to Truth

Ravi Zacharias, photo from
Ravi Zacharias, photo from

I recently stumbled across the following video published by RZIM on youtube with Dr Ravi Zacharias responding to the question of Christianity’s exclusive claim to truth. Like most RZIM Q&As, this is too good not to share.

Philosophically, Ravi suggests that Christianity is true because it answers the questions of 1) Origin, 2) Meaning, 3) Morality, 4) Destiny truthfully and coherently. In a society of pluralistic world views, I’ve found this framework beneficial because it helps me identify the multiple loopholes and inconsistencies in many religions and modern ideologies. Ravi expounds on a lot of these points in various other lectures, some of which can be found through the weekly podcast ‘Let My People Think’.

‘Only in the Judeo-Christian world view will you find these four questions (origin, meaning, morality, destiny) answered with corresponding truthfulness and with the coherence of a world view’

Published by Elliot Ku

Elliot is a pastor at Gracepoint Presbyterian Church and is responsible for preaching and teaching at the Lidcombe Campus. He is married to Sherilyn and together they love speaking about and showing the joys of following Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Christianity’s Exclusive Claim to Truth

  1. Hi, Elliot

    I just stumbled on your blog. You seem very intelligent and interested in apologetics. I used to be very enthusiastic in defending the faith, as per 1 Peter 3:15 . This was until I realised I had to do some deep reflection on why I was defending something, was it because I was taught to defend it to be true it or was it because it was THE truth? I’m sure you know Christianity has only one exclusive truth claim that distinguishes it from the multitude of worldviews: the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    On this, the whole edifice stands. Investigating this lead me on a journey of immense emotional turmoil in an effort to pursue the truth, wherever the evidence leads. I really write this with all good intentions, comparing the different arguments used by apologists of different religions leads one to question whether one’s foundation is solid.

    If you decide to do that let me urge you to always be objective and pursue the truth wherever the evidence leads and whatever conclusions you reach, if you decide not to do that then by all means continue to do the good work that you have been doing.

    Veritas, pursue truth whatever the cost

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. And thank you for sharing your experiences in your quest for truth.

      A little bit about my journey: I come from a Christian background where it was frowned upon to challenge anything that was taught in the Bible. Hence through my teenage years, I’ve always gone about without really questioning my faith in Jesus Christ. This all changed when I was in senior high as I was confronted with a choice between the city of God or the city of man. The city of God as I knew it was full of (what I thought to be) superficial restrictions and rules in contrast to the city of man that seemed to be about enjoyment and fun. It was at this point of existential crisis that I set out to pursue truth. I vividly remember saying to myself at the beginning of this quest: ‘If Christianity is not true and Jesus is not who he is, then I’ve wasted many years and should waste no more. But if Christianity IS true and Jesus did rise from the dead, then I must dedicate my entire life to it’. I followed every rabbit hole I could find, read as many books I could get my hands on, took religion courses at university, and spoke to a range of people. WIthout a doubt, God was working in my heart throughout this entire process. Therefore, I came to a point where all the evidence, whether intellectual or existential, pointed to Jesus Christ. And I’ve since committed my entire life in pursuit of knowing Him more.

      Nevertheless, I am committed to continue in following evidence for the rest of my life partly because I personally really want to know what the conclusion is, but also because I’d like to be able to help others who are also on the quest for truth.

      If you have anything in particular that you think would be helpful for me to read or encounter, please let me know and I’d be happy to take some time to check it out.


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