The Sex Trafficking Industry

Please pray with me for the sex trafficking industry.

If you’ve watched something like ‘Taken’ and was horrified by the scenes where women were being sold and bought like objects, remember that emotion because these are things that are really happening in different parts of the world.

This video recently surfaced around social media, and I think it gives more information and concrete ways to get involved with the solution.

For more information, check out their website here. Want to help in other ways? Check out Destiny Rescue, a group that a bunch of girls from church are involved in. Above all, please pray for the hearts of those who are involved in sex trafficking, that this evil will be ended, and pray for the hearts of everyone who contribute towards the industry, that God will release these chains of bondage.

Published by Elliot Ku

Elliot is a pastor at Gracepoint Presbyterian Church and is responsible for preaching and teaching at the Lidcombe Campus. He is married to Sherilyn and together they love speaking about and showing the joys of following Jesus.

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